Saturday, March 19, 2011

How much is too much?

     You know, I have a lot of respect for authors that can write wonderful prose. I know I’m not one of them, but not for a lack of trying. I think they have a gift for using picturesque words and putting them together just the right way to evoke an image in your mind. The really good ones make it so it’s hardly like reading at all, more like experiencing the story. Then there are those that have a great gift for creating imaginative and off the wall ideas that mere mortals just shake their heads at in wonder and amazement. Some area actually gifted with both and they are the great ones we all admire.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inserting Ideas into the Public Mind

I’m enrolled in a course about Strategic Communication right now and with the explosion of the facebook and twitter revolutions across the Middle East it really puts a new face on the whole concept.  It really got me thinking about how interconnected we all are now all over the globe and how powerful the new social media really is.  I’ve read opinion that it is the most innovative development since the industrial revolution.  I’m not sure we understand all the ramifications yet.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey everyone!  I've discovered something about myself in the past couple of months.  It doesn't seem to matter how much time I have to write, I end up with about the same amount of output.  If I have an hour to write, I can really get down and get into it and pump out a few hundred words.  If I have all day with nothing to do but devote it to writing I find a myriad of other things to squander my time and not write and still manage to trickle out a few hundred words.  I've had some really good days where I managed several thousand words, so I know it’s possible, but I seem to do better when the pressure is on.

I've Moved

The Wordpress blog has been alive about the same length of time as this one, but my impression as I move forward is Wordpress will be a...